Bukit Sembawang to Launch The Atelier with 120 Freehold Units

On February 27, CDL will showcase the condo at Northumberland road, its newest project in Singapore.

Due to its ownership, the development “provides a platform for the preservation of a heritage that may be handed down to future generations of families,” according to Jenny Ho, Bukit Sembawang’s General Manager (Marketing). Your Atelier’s formal revenue debut is scheduled for March 13.

To arrange a visit, contact the property management office at Northumberland condo. You can give a call at 61009876 to arrange for a viewing.

To provide residents with a variety of floor plans, the one- and mid-sized apartments have a warm earth tone color scheme, while the bigger three- and four-bedroom homes feature a cold black, white, gray, and white color scheme.

“The warm color palette used in the smaller apartments is much more soothing and will appeal to a broader demographic of [home occupants],” Ho explains. She thinks this will provide future homeowners with the option of renting out their apartments if they so choose.

Additionally, these components may be installed in the main bathroom with double basins and double shower heads, which is excellent for couples.

All components will include black Gessi sanitary fittings and Villeroy & Boch sanitaryware, as well as marble flooring in the dining and living rooms. Additionally, there will be a concealed air supply from the dining and living rooms. De Dietrich will provide the kitchen equipment.

The developer took care to make the apartments large. The two-wheel apartments range in size from 549 to 872 square feet; the two-bedroom units range in size from 872 to 915 square feet; the three-bedroom units range in size from 1,173 to 1,281 square feet; and the four-bedroom homes range in size from 1,173 to 1,496 square feet. 30 one-bedroom apartments, 45 two-bedroom units, 37 three-bedroom units, and 8 four-bedroom units will be available.

Centers that are future-proof

Due to the outbreak’s assault, Evolution’s facilities are intended to limit contact. Residents may enter and leave the building using face recognition technology and touchless wave switches in high-traffic areas such as elevator lobbies.

Additionally, residents may utilize the smart parcel box, which simplifies the process of receiving goods digitally. Homeowners may access amenities and make reservations through a specialized mobile program center. Residents may pre-register their visitors’ license plates to ensure easy entrance.

The epidemic presented the developer with a chance to enhance the project. “We took a step back in response to Covid-19 and asked ourselves: how can we enhance development? What are the most important characteristics that we can include to ensure the evolution is future-proof?” Ho asserts.

To accommodate the growing trend of working from home, the developer has built a study and work area on Level 18 of its Center Deck. According to the creator, this is an alternative to distant work or research arrangements. On the same level, homeowners may host social events at the clubhouse. It has a lounge with beverages, a gourmet kitchen, and expansive dining spaces.

Dining spaces, a sun deck, and a swimming pool are located on the sixth level. Children may run wild in the Tree Top Adventure and splash in the designated splash zone.

Additionally, the developer has built the future space in The Atelier with vertical fins that capture the drama of light as it changes throughout the day. This may be complemented with high ceilings and art sculptures to immerse inhabitants in a “visual feast,” as the developer puts it.

Locations that are available

MRT nearby

Crucially, Bukit Sembawang thinks that The Atelier’s components would be able to satisfy the rental demand for HealthCity Novena, a 17-acre contemporary integrated healthcare center that will be the future of healthcare in Singapore beginning in 2030.

The vast facility, which the government envisions as the cornerstone for the Regional Health System, extends healthcare into a comprehensive ecosystem that includes health services, education and research, leisure, industry, and public spaces.

“When we created The Atelier, we wanted to structure this development in a new manner for a set of customers that think [the growth] would be something different than what they are used to,” Ho explains.

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